Mae Kampong village is located in the mountions, and on the hills 1,300 meters higher above sea level. The weather is normally cool and cold in the winter.The natural topography still maintained perfectly and Doi Mon Larn mountain in the village is the source of many river .In the morning , sea fog can be seen . There is a house, and a place for camping available for the tourist . On the top of Doi Mon Larn mountain at night you can view of the city of Chiang Mai , Lumphun , and Lampang from the higher places . The way to go can reachad by cars or walking , and the guides who know the route are available as well

On the way to Mae Kam Pong village , there areintreesting tourism sites like the Beautiful Stones Garden , the Amazing Stones , the Teen Tok Royal Project Centre , and the Pha Num Lord Cliff . In the village , there are miang ( a kind of tea leaves – for chewing ) garden , coffee farms, herbal products , home stay available , and various kinds of activties oof local people . Then there is a trekking tour distance to get to Doi Mon Larn where you can seeover one hundred kinde of plants and herbs in the forest .